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Export & Import Simplified, without Bureaucracy and

No Radar Needed


But, what is RADAR?


RADAR is the acronym for Business Export and Import License and consists of a mandatory Brazilian registration for all companies wishing to carry out international freight transport activities.

So my company is required to have RADAR, to carry out international shipments of goods?


Answer: No, because it is for Individuals, Micro, Media or Large Companies, anyone can Export or Import with VEXTRA, as we offer a menu of Logistics Solutions, which can optimize the efficiency of your business abroad, reducing costs and aiming for excellence in attendance and services, without the need for RADAR, through our Express System, according to the Brazilian Normative Instruction - nº 1737/17.



Simplified Express Operation



Express Shipping

International express shipments (courier) are international documents or orders, transported and released under the specific customs regime (Brazilian Normative Instruction - nº 1737/17), exclusively for International Express Transport.

Therefore, shipments characterized as Courier / Express Shipping that present and respect these characteristics are registered and duly released for International transit, both in Export and in Import.

The express shipment that presents goods subject to specific controls will be submitted to the manifestation of the respective competent bodies, prior to the beginning of the customs clearance of import or export.

The express shipment may be out of character by the Federal Revenue Service if any irregularity or non-compliance with the legislation is proven.


When there is a lack of characterization, the cargo will have its operational and collection procedures established in accordance with ANAC Decision 66, that is, the same treatment applied to imported and exported cargo will be applied, in conventional methods.

VEXTRA has customs warehouses dedicated to import and export these shipments from customs authorities at the main Brazilian Airports.

Thus, the shipment can receive the proper treatment after being released by the IRS, which is responsible for the Customs System.

This system determines through algorithms fed by data from the Brazilian Federal Revenue, if the shipment can be released automatically or if it will be necessary to monitor and inspect a Tax Auditor.

This structure and process avoids the need for a customs broker, optimizing costs, adding this solution to the specialized service.


The pandemic has changed the world and our way of life. And in these times of uncertainty, it is even more important that companies can continue to stand firm, taking all necessary precautions for the good and stability of all. We will continue to operate to and from the impacted areas, according to local conditions and restrictions. We are following the recommendations of local government agencies and the World Health Organization (WHO), while we strive to help protect our customers and our staff.