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New Brazilian import rules via courier allow resale of products.

One of the most questioned situations regarding the application of the Express Shipping / Courier modality is the impossibility of Importing goods destined for resale or for use in the processes of industrialization of products by the importer.

The publication dealing with tax treatment and customs control procedures applicable to international shipments, brought, among others, the possibility of importing products both for resale and also for use in industrialization processes.

"It is worth noting that imports for resale remain impediments in the operations of individuals, being allowed only to legal entities."

It should be noted that the import of goods intended for resale or to be submitted to the industrialization operation will be allowed, provided that:

>The goods do not require Simplified Import Licensing (LSI), as per General Administrative Treatment - TSP Research Group, available on the Siscomex Online Portal.

>The total value of the operations does not exceed US $ 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand United States dollars) in the calendar year, that is, from January 1 to December 31, and each shipment cannot exceed US $ 3,000.00 (three thousand United States dollars), considering the sum of the goods and freight values, (C + F).

The legal entity must observe the instructions provided by VEXTRA's customer service regarding the identification of the commercial destination of the international shipment, thus understood to be the one that contains goods intended for resale or to be submitted to the industrialization operation. Also noteworthy is the possibility of being authorized to operate the customs clearance of express shipments, in the special modality, the company certified by the Brazilian Program for Authorized Economic Operator (OAS Program), as a carrier and depository of goods under customs control , in the OAS Security modality, which meets the requirements established in the aforementioned standard, in addition to other significant changes to be observed more closely and subject to new comments.



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